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the Island Smoke Shop
Key Largo, Florida - (800) 680-9701

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently in progress of upgrading our web site to meet the new FDA regulations.

Until these revisions are completed, we are unable to process any online orders.
Thank you for your patience. We'll be back online soon.

Meanwhile, If you'l like to place an order, please call us toll-free at (800) 680-9701.

Welcome to Key Largo's ISLAND SMOKE SHOP, the LARGEST CIGAR SHOP in South Florida, and exclusive factory outlet for the award winning EL ORIGINAL line of cigars! Click on the photo to the left to read all about our expanded store!

We're proud of our large and friendly retail outlet, with the best selection of cigars in the Keys! Stop in and see us when you visit South Florida! And as large as our retail store is, we're proud of being one of the smallest cigar manufacturers in the world. Our private factory doesn't make millions of cigars per year in some third-world country. Instead, we've chosen to make the world's best cigar (SMOKE Magazine - Winter, 2000) right here in the U.S. - one cigar at a time.

Looking for premium cigars at a great price? Look no further. We have a great selection (1200 brands) of your favorite premium cigars in stock!

As for our El Original brand, our 6-country blend was developed by the legendary Havana Master, Santiago Cabana, using some of the finest tobaccos available. Cuban tobacco? Who needs it? We've skillfully combined selected leaves from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru (our secret ingredient) into a blend so rich you'll think you're smoking a Cuban! How do we do it? By employing the best Cuban cigar rollers in the world - right here in the US! Unlike the workers in large factories in third-world countries, our rollers take real pride in their work, and it shows in every cigar.

In January 2000, SMOKE Magazine rated 57 different Maduro Cigars (a dark, rich wrapper) from every major manufacturer in the world... Our EL ORIGINAL received the HIGHEST RATING of ALL Maduro Cigars - including Cubans!.

But we haven't stopped there! Taste our premium cigar, the SANTIAGO CABANA. It's back to basics in this new release of an old blend rated "90" by Cigar Aficionado in 1996. You'll taste the sweetness of Dominican Ligero and the earthiness of rich Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, wrapped in a silky and rich wrapper from Ecuador (Claro, Natural) or Mexico (naturally aged Maduro).

On a budget? We have a great assortment of bundled cigars that meet any budget.

Stop in and see us when you visit the Florida Keys (we're at mile-marker 103.4 in Key Largo's "Pink Plaza") and see the LARGEST  Walk-in humidor in South Florida! We carry the BEST selections of premium brands you'll find anywhere!

So, come on by and visit us at the shop. Relax, and have a cigar in our air-conditioned customer seating area. Smoking is not only allowed in the store - it's encouraged!

SMOKE Magazine, winter '99/'00
Country: U.S. Wrapper: Mexico Binder: Nicaragua
Manufacturer: Island Smoke Shop Filler: DR/Hon/Nic/Mex/Per Price: $6.95
Panelist #1There are tons of smoke with every draw. It's a good cigar with plenty of kick. Herfers take note:, this one has it all. SCORE: 4.1
Panelist #2This hearty, peppery cigar is better suited for later in the day, perhaps with your favorite drink. It's a guaranteed special moment. SCORE: 4.7
Panelist #3This one is as smooth as a baby's bottom! Consistent throughout ... May I have more? Definitely a humidor selection. SCORE: 4.5
Panelist #4Consistency is the name of the game with this cigar. It's a big hitter with sublime flavor, and it delivered every time. SCORE: 4.3


103400 Overseas Hwy.
Key Largo, FL 33037
Telephone: (305) 453-4014
or toll-free (800) 680-9701

Store Hours: 10 - 6, Open 7 days.

Email us at
Click here for a map to our store.

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